Rock Candy Crystals - Lime - 5lb

Rock Candy Crystals - Lime - 5lb
  • $32.99

Radioactive green crystals in this Lime Rock Candy Crystals bulk order will make your eyes bulge with how tasty they are! With countless, tiny bits of glittering, gleaming green sugar crystals, these fruity, lime-flavored candies are a real treat. If you love green or know someone else who does, then these Lime Rock Candy Crystals would be a great gift or surprise for the taste buds! In every order, you'll have handful after handful of delicious sugary lime flavor to savor, bite after bite. Pack some of these Lime Rock Candy Crystals into a goodie bag for St. Patrick's Day or the first day of spring to celebrate the new blooms. They're so good you can eat them whenever, wherever!

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