Rock Candy Crystals - Orange - 5lb

Rock Candy Crystals - Orange - 5lb
  • $32.99

Like a sun-ripened orange, these Orange Rock Candy Crystals are packed with a juicy and vibrant citrus flavor. In a bright, summery orange, these naturally sweet candy crystals are pretty to look at and incredibly yummy to eat. In individual pieces of crunchy and sugary candy rocks, you'll love munching on every sweet bite.Bring home some of these Orange Rock Candy Crystals for a wild Halloween bash. They have the perfect coloring to match with any other orange and black candy or non-edible décor and will wow your party guests. You may also use some of these crushed up on the rim of a margarita come summertime or sprinkled into lemonades and punches to add some beautiful color and delicious, orange sweetness!

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