Rock Candy Crystals - Strawberry - 5lb

Rock Candy Crystals - Strawberry - 5lb
  • $32.99

Juicy. Red. Sugary. These Strawberry Rock Candy Crystals look just like the strawberries they're flavored after. And in this bag of individual pieces of rock candy crystals, you'll have patch over patch of yummy strawberry flavor to munch and crunch on.Get ready to celebrate your patriotism on the Fourth of July with an order of these Strawberry Rock Candy Crystals. They can be crushed and used as sugar rims for adult drinks. They also can be set out in glass jars amongst blue and white candies to emulate the American flag. Or if you're more of a Christmas candy type of person, these Strawberry Rock Candy Crystals would be perfect for gingerbread houses and goodie bags in stockings!

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