White Rock Candy Crystals - 5lb

  • $50.99

Where do rocks like to sleep? On a "bed-rock!" Geologists, we know you'll like that corny joke. And candy enthusiasts, we know you'll absolutely love these White Rock Candy Crystals! In small, pebble sized bites, you'll get a bolder-sized flavor of sweetness and rock-hard crunch with every bite.Straight from the earth, these rock candy crystals are made of real, natural sugar. Bring these to a science fair to add a geological element to the refreshments table. Get some as a practical joke to trick your family into thinking you've started eating rocks! Add some to a sugar bowl as a different take on sugar cubes. With their bright, white quartz-like look, these rocks can be used for whatever you can dream up. Just remember to be silly, have fun, and enjoy these rock candy crystals in whatever way you love most. With this five pound bag, you'll have enough candies to do it all.

SKU: ND-31558

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