Root Beer Barrels Candy - 6lb Bulk

Root Beer Barrels Candy - 6lb Bulk
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Root beer barrels candy are old school, individually wrapped hard candies that taste like the classic retro soda root beer.

Pop one of these Root Beer Barrels in your mouth, and suddenly you will be sitting in a soda shop as a child, drooling as the sweet brown liquid flowed from the gooseneck fountain.

Or, you will remember the first time you popped off the red cap of the old iconic brown bottles. This smooth creamy refreshment was born in 1919, and certainly has not lost one bit of popularity.

Of course, as an adult the idea of drinking soda every day is not very pleasing, and you probably don't want your children filling up on a sugary beverage all the time either. These Root Beer Barrels are the perfect alternative.

Root Beer Barrels are small, hard candies that taste just like the real thing, but they are a little kinder on your waist line. One of these barrels is less than 25 calories and fat-free, and will last longer than drinking a soda.

Add these to candy dishes, fill a pinata with them, or hand them out at Halloween. They are a hit with folks of all ages.


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