IBC Root Beer Float Barrels - Sugar Free 5lb

IBC Root Beer Float Barrels - Sugar Free 5lb
  • $38.99

You don't have to go to the local soda fountain to enjoy the tingly taste of a Brown Cow when you have our classic root beer float barrel candies on hand!These delicious morsels offer a flavor similar to the ice cream and soda pop beverage that's been enjoyed for over a century. Each piece consist of a solid hard candy barrel that's divided into a pure white half and a dark brown half.The two colors represent the ingredients typically used to make a traditional root beer float! What makes our IBC root beer float barrels even better is that they are sugar free! You can stick to your diet without sacrificing that sweet, fizzy flavor.Each piece is wrapped in clear plastic with the famous IBC logo printed along one side so you know it's the genuine article. Our bulk sugar free root beer float candy is a great choice for home, work or wherever you crave something sweet and refreshing!

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