Saf-T-Pops Original - 100ct

Saf-T-Pops Original - 100ct
  • $24.99

Whether you are a parent, teacher, pediatrician, daycare owner, or babysitter, you probably cringe every time a young child in your care wants a lollipop.You want them to be able to enjoy the same satisfying treat you looked forward to when you were young, but just thinking about the choking hazard is enough to cause a panic attack. Fortunately, these Saf-T-Pops Original were invented!Their unique loop stick is designed to collapse, should a child fall with one in their mouth.Saf-T-Pops Original are a safe and enjoyable first-time candy for little ones, but they are flavorful enough that adults can't resist them either.This bulk supply includes Apple, Cherry, Grape, and Orange. Each one is independently wrapped to eliminate the risk of contamination and they are kosher-certified. Saf-T-Pops Original are manufactured on dedicated machinery that never sees gluten, milk, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, shellfish, or fish, so you don't have to worry about allergic reactions either.

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