Cherry Cola Salt Water Taffy - 2.5lb

  • $19.99

Get the refreshing flavor of cherry cola in candy form with these Cherry Cola Salt Water Taffy candies! These sweet candies have the chewy, stretchy consistency that you've come to expect from salt water taffy. It's the perfect thing to remind you of childhood shore town vacations and to recreate them with your own children.Each candy is decorated with a brown cola color with red stripes on the sides to signify the hint of cherry flavor. These taffies are perfect for a soda shop-themed party or a beach get-together. The individually-wrapped candies have a flavor anyone will love and a look that is sophisticated enough for a wedding or corporate event.You get 65 pieces of taffy in every pound that you can use to fill bowls or candy jars, to scatter around tables and to give as favors. Give all your guests the invigorating combination of cola and cherry at your next event!

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