Mango Salt Water Taffy - 2.5lb

  • $19.99

Mango salt water taffy brings all the juicy flavor of your favorite tropical fruit in a smooth, creamy taffy! This delicious confection is a must-have for fruit candy lovers. Each piece is packed with exotic allure.Take a bite and let this treat whisk your senses away to place where the sun always shines and the fruit is always ripe! Our mango salt water taffy comes individually wrapped so it stays fresh for longer. Simply untwist the clear wrapper and prepare to indulge in sweet mango goodness.Each round piece of taffy features a pale orange exterior that hugs a gentle gold center, similar to the rind and meat of a real mango!Our bulk salt water taffy pack makes it so easy to get the flavor you love for events. Use them to fill wedding favors, treat bags, a dish at home or the office candy jar. Everyone will love the smooth texture and mango taste of our delectable salt water taffy.

SKU: ND-47585

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