Orange Salt Water Taffy - 2.5lb

  • $19.99

Is orange your favorite candy flavor? Folks who prefer this flavor over any other tend to be unwilling to compromise. You know what you want, and you would rather go without than choose an alternate flavor.Nothing can replace the juicy, sweet, citrus taste of an orange. If this sounds like you, then prepare to become totally addicted to this Orange Salt Water Taffy. Most people who discover salt water taffy is available in an orange flavor need to pinch themselves a few times to make sure they are not dreaming. These gourmet candies give you the sweet orange flavor you love with a hint of salt.They are fresh and literally melt in your mouth. Since they are all individually wrapped, they are perfect to hand out at Halloween, or pour some in gift bags for kids' parties. You will definitely want to fill your candy dish at work with them, too. There is plenty to share in this big bulk order!

SKU: ND-47566

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