Pineapple Salt Water Taffy - 2.5lb

  • $19.99

Salt water taffy is a classic treat that everyone loves! There's so much to savor when you bite into a piece of taffy, especially when it's our pineapple salt water taffy.Each piece includes juicy pineapple flavor with the chewy texture you know and love. Take your taste buds on a tropical adventure every time you sit down to enjoy a few pieces of traditional salt water taffy. Our pineapple salt water taffy gives you large quantities that are great for events, gatherings and much more.Each piece features a pale yellow hue with stripes of refreshing green, much like the colors seen when slicing a fresh pineapple. Our fruit salt water taffy is gluten-free so it fits into most diets. Pour a few into a glass dish to serve guests or use them to fill up treat bags or wedding favors so your beloved guests can enjoy the succulent taste of pineapple salt water taffy!

SKU: ND-47608

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