Raspberry Salt Water Taffy - 2.5lb

  • $19.99

Blue like the ocean it's named after, these delicious Raspberry Salt Water Taffies are a boardwalk tradition that you can bring home and enjoy all year 'round!. Their bright blue color and individually wrapped packaging complete with quaint twists on each end make unwrapping these morsels as much of a pleasure as eating them!Do you have a tropical themed party coming up that you need a bright colored and tasty candy for? Is someone in your family celebrating the birth of a baby boy soon? Have a hankering for a summertime candy and don't have time to go to the beach? These candies can help you with all the occasions you can possibly think up! So it's a good thing that each order comes with 65 piece of luscious taffy per pound, so you'll be ready with a tasty candy to munch on for many snack times to come!

SKU: ND-47561

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