Raspberry Lemonade Salt Water Taffy - 2.5lb

  • $19.99

Raspberry lemonade salt water taffy is a tasty symbol of summertime fun! If you love fruit candy flavors, then sink your teeth into a smooth, chewy piece of our irresistible raspberry lemonade taffy!Both flavors are delicious on their own, but pack a powerful punch when combined into one convenient treat. Every piece of salt water taffy arrives individually packaged in a clear wrapper so you can admire the candy's unique colors and patterns before you sample its juicy flavors. Each piece includes a generous disc of thick salt water taffy.Pink and yellow alternate from end to end, forming wavy lines that are reminiscent of the ocean waves. Brilliantly colored and oh-so-savory, these berry taffy candies will make your taste buds beg for another piece! Salt water taffy is also gluten-free so you can enjoy your favorite snack without the health concerns. Order your bulk taffy today and taste the fresh, fruity flavor of raspberry lemonade candy!

SKU: ND-47572

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