Spearmint Salt Water Taffy - 2.5lb

  • $23.99

Spearmint salt water taffy will tempt the taste buds and invigorate the senses! The sweet taste of classic spearmint has been a favorite among candy connoisseurs for decades.Our salt water taffy combines that same irresistible flavor with the smooth, soft texture of high quality taffy. You'll love untwisting the clear wrapper to reveal a fluffy white piece of taffy with gorgeous dark green stripes! Our green and white salt water taffy can give you more ways to put the finishing touches on a wedding reception, baby shower or other large event.The single-flavor bulk salt water taffy pack makes it easy to get exactly what you want so it matches the decor or theme of your celebration. Use alone or combine with any of our other amazing salt water taffy flavors for a custom look that guests will adore. Order today and experience the delicious taste of fresh spearmint salt water taffy!

SKU: ND-28156

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