Vanilla Salt Water Taffy - 5lb

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Summer, summer, summertime! Your mouth will be singing and your taste buds will be basking in the rich, chewy flavor of these Vanilla Salt Water Taffies. These candies have been stretched, pulled, and enjoyed since they were discovered in the 1880s when a candy shop was flooded with salt water!Bring these amazingly beautiful and delicious, bright white taffies to your next family get together, add them to a make your own candy bag buffet bar, incorporate these into a wedding for a dose of bright white and sweet, soft flavor, or just chew on these any time of the year when you need a taste of the summertime. In every order, you'll receive five pounds of taffies with over 65 pieces per pound! That's a lot of chewing and savoring to look forward to. Get yours today to bring a dose of summer into your everyday snacking.

Vanilla salt water taffy. Stretchy and chewy taffy with a wonderful vanilla taste. These tasty taffys are great treat for kids and adults.

There are approximately 65 pieces per pound.

Made in the USA

Kosher Certified

Gluten Free

Shipping Weight ~ 3 lbs.

SKU: ND-20798-MID-002893

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