Wild Cherry Hard Candy Drops - Sanded 10lb

  • $45.99

Add some cheer to any occasion with these yummy Wild Cherry Hard Candy Drops. The old fashioned hard candies are a lovely red color with a sugar sanded coating that enhances their sweetness and flavor. Their wonderful cherry flavor and satisfying crunch will please every appetite.Keep these hard candy drops in a bowl at your office and your coworkers will come back again and again for a refreshing, fruity treat. The beautiful Wild Cherry Hard Candy Drops also make an excellent party favor when stored in party-themed gift bags or pretty holiday tins. Don't settle for anything less when choosing the right hard candy for your upcoming event. Treat yourself and your guests to these classic Wild Cherry Hard Candy Drops and see how quickly the scrumptious sweet snacks disappear!

SKU: ND-488

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