Sassy Taffy - 5lb

Sassy Taffy - 5lb
  • $26.99

Me. Ow. These incredibly Sassy Taffy candies will knock your socks off with their giant burst of chewy and fruity flavor. Individually wrapped, you can enjoy one at a time or more if you need a dose of sassy and delicious flavor.In a beautiful variety of colors and flavors, these make an ideal candy to fill piñatas and candy dishes. They're also amazing to stuff into gift baskets, candy buffet bars, candy bouquets and practically any other occasion you can think up! With every chew, you'll feel the power of a sassy and tasty taffy light up your mouth and fill you with delight. Just be careful how many you eat or you might find yourself taking a walk on the wild side!

SKU: ND-20815

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