Silver Foil Lemon Hard Candy - 5lb

Silver Foil Lemon Hard Candy - 5lb
  • $19.99

Sweet and refreshing, these Lemon Foil Silver Hard Candies are a delicious treat that you can snack on anytime you want a little pick-me-up. Easy to carry when you are on the go, these lemon-flavored hard candies are great when you feel famished or have low blood sugar and need a little sugary sweetness to feel better.Select these beautifully-wrapped silver foil lemon candies the next time you are planning a big event to offer them as a tasty favor, or use them as treats to fill Easter baskets, trick or treat bags, or even Christmas stockings. These delectable lemon hard candies are versatile and perfect for many different uses. They are also ideal as an accompaniment to lemon-themed meals and desserts and can make the perfect after-dinner luxury when offered at restaurants at the end of a satisfying meal.

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