Skittles Party Size Bags - 50oz

Skittles Party Size Bags - 50oz
  • $14.99

Have a few here. Have a few there. With these Skittles Re-sealable 41 Oz Bags, you will have the ability to snack when you please and save the rest of the bag for later! Whether you love to "Taste the Rainbow" one Skittle at a time or one handful at a time, you can reseal this bag whenever you wish to enjoy day after day.This means you can pack some up in your lunchbox throughout the week, come back to the bag when you need an afternoon snack, or share with friends on a car trip. It's a great candy to pack with you and take on the go since it fully closes and won't spill. It will also help keeping you from eating the entire bag at once! Although we know it's hard. In a rainbow of fruity flavors, you can enjoy picking out a different amazing flavor every time you reach in.

SKU: ND-18424

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