Skittles Sours - 1.80oz Bags 24ct

Skittles Sours - 1.80oz Bags 24ct
  • $52.99

Skittles Sours are a classic treat with a punch of tart flavor! With classic fruity flavors and colors, these little chewable candies are coated in a dusting of extremely sour sugar that you must eat before you arrive at their sweet center. These bright green bags make a great addition to piñatas, gift baskets, birthday gifts, Christmas stockings, Easter baskets, and practically anything else you can think of! Buy some of these Skittles Sours and you'll be able to make goodie bags for all of your upcoming parties and events and make your guests pucker and smile with every bite. What are you waiting for? Try these Skittles Sours today!

SKU: ND-4995

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