Double Lollies Smarties - Unwrapped 200ct Tub

Double Lollies Smarties - Unwrapped 200ct Tub
  • $30.99

Just about everyone has enjoyed Smarties sometime during their childhood. Now you can enjoy them even more when you indulge in these Unwrapped Double Lollies Smarties. These delightful pastel-colored double lollipops come in two flavors and are clustered in an attention-getting tub with see-through wrapper. Their pastel colors make them perfect to tuck into Easter baskets for your children, and they are also ideal for centerpieces or favors at baby and bridal showers. While most lollipops are hard on teeth if bitten, these candy pops invite kids to lick if they wish, or to bite into the lollipop to get that sweet-tart taste that Smarties are so famous for. Since they come unwrapped, it's easy to tuck one or two of these Double Lollies into lunchboxes for a surprise treat, or to share them with friends. Smarties Lollies are such fun to eat!

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