Snickers Bars - 48ct

Snickers Bars - 48ct
  • $96.99

No one can resist the irresistible taste of a Snickers bar. These candy bars are chock full of peanuts nougat, and caramel with a creamy coating of delicious milk chocolate to create one of the most satisfying treats ever invented. Snickers were created in 1930 and have been a huge hit ever since.This American tradition is the perfect Halloween treat and kids will love opening their bags at the end of the night and finding these delicious candy bars. More than just your average chocolate bar, their sweet and salty flavor really packs a punch, and the protein-packed peanuts help keep you full longer than most sugary candy. Schools find that Snickers bars are also the perfect candy bar to sell at school fundraisers due to their excellent reputation and long-standing popularity. And your family will be ecstatic if you keep these on hand for after-school snacks or a surprise treat in their school lunches.

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