Snickers Bars - King-Size 2-Piece 24ct

Snickers Bars - King-Size 2-Piece 24ct
  • $78.99

King-Size 2-Piece Snickers Bars pack double the deliciousness into every package! That's because these classic candy bars featuring milk chocolate, peanuts, nougat, and caramel come with two big bars in every wrapper.If you just can't get enough Snicker's then double up with this King-Size 2-Piece Snickers Bars bulk order. You'll have enough to share with friends and family, put in the freezer for a cool summertime snack, break up into bits to put on top of ice cream, use in dessert recipes, and eat all by themselves! Your whole family will love you when you order some of these King-Size 2-Piece Snickers Bars today!


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