Sour Fruit Balls - 7lb

  • $24.99

Why the sour puss? Oh we see. It's because you must have tried a bite of our amazing Sour Fruit Balls! These amazingly tart candies will put a pucker on your lips and a smile on your face every time you snack. In a variety of flavors and colors from red, green, orange, yellow, and purple, every candy lover can find their favorite flavor here.Since these hard sour candies are individually wrapped, there's a ton of stuff you can do with them. Add them to a candy dish in your house, bring them to a party and set them out in a bowl. add them to a candy buffet bar and let your guests choose how to thrill their taste buds, or even give them away as gifts one by one. In this five pound bag, your sweet and sour tooth will have something to munch on for snack time after snack time.

SKU: ND-19085

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