Sour Patch Kids - 2oz Bags 24ct

Sour Patch Kids - 2oz Bags 24ct
  • $52.99

You know a treat truly reigns supreme in the sour candy world when your eyes start watering the second you see the package. With some candy you never know really how sour it is going to be until you buy it.You don't have this problem with Sour Patch Kids. You know as soon as you see that bright yellow package that your taste buds are going to be blasted with a bold sour flavor, but then they will be rewarded with a sweet, fruity finish. Frank Galatolie may have been chasing the sour fad when he developed Sour Patch Kids in the 1970s, but he truly ended up dominating the market with them.Sour Patch Kids are soft, chewy, and sanded gently with a sweet and sour coating. Each of these individually wrapped bags contains an assortment of colored kids that represent a different flavor. This includes yellow (lemon), red (raspberry), green (lime), and orange (orange). These candies are fat-free, and they contain no gelatin, so they are suitable for vegetarians.

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