Sour Patch Watermelon - 5lb Bulk

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Something has gone terribly right in this watermelon patch! That's because these Sour Patch Watermelon gummies have grown into a new variety or tart, chewy goodness with traditional watermelon flavor. Coated in crystalized sugar, these watermelon gummies start with a pucker worthy punch and then ease into a sweet, smooth watermelon gummy candy.If you have a family that loves sweet and sour treats, this could be the candy for you! Bring these home to add to a backyard picnic dessert table in the summertime. Add a few of these tart little watermelon slices to the rim of a cocktail or lemonade for a pretty and delicious treat. Even package some of these amazing candies up in candy gift baskets or as presents to loved ones. Whatever you do with these tart little gummies, you'll love diving into the five pounds that this order will provide!

SKU: ND-1522

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