Strawberry Sour Straws - 15lb

Strawberry Sour Straws - 15lb
  • $60.99

Get ready to pucker up when you try these bright red strawberry sour straws, with their intense sour flavor. These fun rope-shaped, chewy strawberry candies have a flavor that's long-lasting and not easily forgotten.You'll find it impossible to stop at just one once you taste these addicting sour straws. Get creative with these unique candies and package them in decorative bags to place at each table setting for a child's birthday party or baby shower. Guests will be impressed by the super-sour impact these candies have and will love their fruity strawberry taste. Make a lasting impression when you serve these strawberry sour straws with an assortment of other candy and dessert treats or surprise your kids when you add them to Easter baskets, birthday presents, or other gift occasions.

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