Spree Chewy - 10lb Bulk

Spree Chewy - 10lb Bulk
  • $59.99

A childhood favorite with their sweet and tart flavors and hard yet chewy texture, these Spree Chewy candies come in assorted fruity flavors such as cherry, orange and grape to name a few, and their bright colors will light up any party room decor. Ideal for many different occasions, you can stock up on these for birthday parties and holidays, or treat yourself to some every time you watch a movie.Their tart, fruity flavor is a great complement to the salty and buttery taste of a heaping bowl of popcorn to make them the perfect theater snack. These delicious chewy Spree candies are also a creative topping for ice cream sundaes or a great way for grocery and convenience stores to fill their candy dispensers. One of the most popular hard candies around, these amazingly colorful candy-coated Spree candies are always a crowd pleaser with kids and adults alike.

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