Spree Original Rolls - 36ct

Spree Original Rolls - 36ct
  • $69.99

Knowing that these Spree Original candies are made by Willy Wonka should be enough to get you excited. These are hard candies, made to last a really long time.The sphere-shaped treats have colored, fruit-flavored shells. Each roll consists of a variety of bold colors and mouthwatering fruit flavors, including Grape (purple), Apple (green), Lemon (yellow), Orange (orange), and Cherry (red). Each roll of these Spree Original candies has enough candies to satisfy even the most intense sweet craving.There is probably even enough to share. Hand these rolls out during family movie night and you won't hear a peep of talking. They are perfect for prizes for party games, and they are ideal to keep in your desk drawer for a little pick-me-up while you work. You could even open these Spree Original rolls and pour them in a candy dish for a colorful display.


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