Starburst Flavor Morph - 24ct

  • $38.99

Starburst Flavor Morph candies change flavor while you chew! From orange to orange strawberry and from cherry to cherry lime, you can enjoy a surprise switch up every time you snack.If you think change is good, then these Starburst Flavor Morph candies are the perfect treat for you. For a sweet April Fool's joke you can give them to your friends and tell them they're one flavor and then watch as they discover the taste change mid-chew! You may even buy these to give out as fun party favors at kids' birthday parties or wrap them up in goodie bags for people to take home. If you're never satisfied with just one flavor, then these Starburst Flavor Morph will make your mouth water.

SKU: ND-40975-MID-005010

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