Starburst Tropical Fruit Chews - 36ct

Starburst Tropical Fruit Chews - 36ct
  • $62.99

Starburst Tropical Fruit Chews are a taste of the tropics. With a variety of delicious fruity flavors and the traditional chewy texture of Starburst, these candies are an addicting treat.Order some Starburst Tropical Fruit Chews today to keep around the house for when a sweet tooth arises, to give away in candy gift baskets, to stuff into birthday present packages, or to unwrap and load into candy bowls around your home. Since these Starburst Tropical Fruit Chews are also flavors of the summertime, they make a great choice for pool parties or backyard BBQs during the warmer months. Treat yourself today with an order of these delicious candy chews.

Starburst tropical fruit with more juicy flavor. Tasty fruit chews will remind you of the tropics. 36 bars to the box.

SKU: ND-startrop-MID-006280

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