Starlight Mints Assorted Fruit - 5lb Bulk

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Candy dishes everywhere are generally filled with red and white or green and white mints. Why not spice your dish up a bit with these Starlight Mints?The candies boast a whimsical, pinwheel design that is almost too fun to eat. Instead of one color this assorted bulk supply has a variety of colors. Add a kaleidoscope of colors to your candy dish or pick specific colors out for certain occasions.Orange is for Halloween, green is ideal for St. Patrick's Day and Christmas, yellow is perfect for spring weddings, and of course, all the colors can be added to Easter baskets. Need to fill a pinata or gift bags at a kids' party? Starlight Mints are perfect because they are all individually wrapped. Since they are so colorful, you can also unwrap some and freeze them in ice cubes for your next dinner party.They will certainly bring excitement to the water glasses. The flavors in this bulk supply include cherry, grape, lemon, lime, and orange. Each candy has only 7 calories and lasts a really long time, which also makes them a dieter's best friend.

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