Sugar Free Peppermint Starlight Mints - 5lb

  • $45.99

You don't have to give up your favorite hard candy just because you're changing your diet. Our sugar free peppermint starlight mints offer the same sweet taste without the unnecessary sugars.Each piece includes a round disc of hard candy that's pure white with bright red stripes that spiral from the center. The presentation is very elegant and versatile. They look beautiful on tables in glass dishes but are also convenient as a quick snack that can be hidden in your purse, desk drawer or pocket.Our bulk sugar free peppermints give you large quantities so you always have plenty to enjoy. Keep them on hand so you can stick to a healthier diet while keeping your teeth free of sugar-related damage.These refreshing hard candies are ideal for parents who want to cut sugar out of their child's diet. Whether you're decorating cakes and gingerbread houses, filling stockings or preparing for a party, our bulk Starlight mints are an excellent choice!

SKU: ND-675

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