Strawberries & Cream Taffy - 3lb Bulk

Strawberries & Cream Taffy - 3lb Bulk
  • $23.99

A classic flavor combination, strawberries and cream have always been a popular dessert in both restaurants and homes. Now you can get that delicious taste in these convenient Strawberries & Cream Taffy candies. These beautiful pink and white round taffy treats are wrapped in white paper with charming twists at either end, and they make an ideal sweet snack at baby showers, wedding receptions, birthdays, or holiday parties.Everyone will be charmed by their fruity strawberry flavor mixed with the taste of cream to offset the sweetness, and the chewy, stretchy texture is always fun to munch on. These treats are also great to take along on beach vacations and to share with family or friends at summer gatherings like barbecues and family reunions. They make a fun garnish for strawberry cupcakes or cookies, or for a creamy bowl of strawberry ice cream.

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