Sugar Daddy Caramel Pops - 24ct

  • $62.99

Oh, that delicious flavor of a Sugar Daddy Caramel Pop! Memories will come flooding back of childhood moments when you indulge in these decadent milk caramel pops. These vintage candies have been a favorite for years and years and can still hold their own against the ever-growing selection of candy creations.Their bright yellow wrapping with the hot pink Sugar Daddy logo beckons anyone who crosses paths with these yummy lollipops, and this festive candy is perfect for livening up any sort of party or for giving out on holidays such as Halloween. Make someone's day when you share these Sugar Daddy Caramel Pops. They are also a great addition to your candy bowl at work as your colleagues will be happy to raid your candy dish and treat themselves to these lollipops for a little afternoon snack to help them get through a busy work day.


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