Sugar Daddy Caramel Pops - Small 48ct Display Box

Sugar Daddy Caramel Pops - Small 48ct Display Box
  • $22.99

Sugar Daddy candy bars will give you all the sweet caramel goodness you can handle on a convenient stick! Much like a caramel lollipop, each bar of confection includes a white disposable stick that helps keep your fingers clean while you enjoy each gooey bite.Sugar Daddy candy was originally invented in 1925. It was introduced as the Papa Sucker. The Sugar Daddy name we know and love today didn't come around until 1932. Tempt taste buds with the creamy smooth flavor of chewy Sugar Daddy pops.Our bulk lollipop pack includes individually wrapped bars that feature the easily recognizable bright yellow packaging with the red Sugar Daddy logo. Use them in treat bags for parties or place in the office candy jar to give your coworkers something sweet to enjoy during a busy work day. We make it so easy to get bulk Sugar Daddy caramel pops for any occasion!


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