Sugar Free Taffy - 3lb Assorted Bulk

Sugar Free Taffy - 3lb Assorted Bulk
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Even if you are on a specialty low-sugar diet, you can still enjoy a tasty treat! Try these Sugar Free Taffy candies to satisfy your sweet tooth.These are perfect for anyone who's trying to cut back on sugar but is having a tough time giving up sweet treats. They still provide the amazing taste and chewy consistency you've always loved in a taffy without the sugar. This taffy bunch comes with an assortment of fruity and other flavors that will satisfy every craving. Each bite-sized treat comes in its own wrapper with classic taffy twists on each end. You can see the color of each taffy through the wrapper so you can tell the flavor you want.These candies are perfect for your company to give away during a health fair or to pass out during a health educational offering. You can also offer them as a sugar-free option at an event, and since the wrapper states "sugar free," everyone will know which type of candy is which.

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