Original Super Bubble - 300ct Tub

  • $14.99

Delight yourself in the original flavor of the Original Super Bubble Gum. This delectable treat is still made of the same sweet original American Super Bubble Gum flavor in 1940's.If you are looking for a great bubble gum to enjoy munching, then this is the treat for you. Experience the original flavors along with the new additions of apple and grape flavors. It comes in a five-pound tub of individually twist-wrapped assorted bubble gums.You will be surprised not only with its bubble gum taste but also with the size of the bubble you make out of it. This delicacy is not only for kids. It is also enjoyable for adults who love bubble gums. It is great for holidays and for daily chewing cravings. Chew on it and you will feel refreshed by the flavors of this bubble gum family. Kids love it. Adults enjoy it. Everyone wants it!

SKU: ND-38587-MID-000876

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