Swedish Fish Aqua Life - 5lb

Swedish Fish Aqua Life - 5lb
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Just when you think there is nothing that can possibly top regular Swedish Fish this medley of little delights comes along. Swedish Fish Aqua Life will make you smile long before you even pop one in your mouth.Although there are traditional red Swedish Fish in the mix, there are also dolphins, puffer fish, whales, sea horses, and starfish. They are almost too cute to eat!Each species is a different flavor. The starfish is yellow and lemon, blue dolphins are raspberry, green whales are lime, purple puffer fish are grape, and orange seahorses are orange. Of course, the red berry flavor of the fish needs no introduction. Swedish Fish Aqua Life is perfect for a kids' party, beach-themed party, or baby shower.They are also fun to just fill candy dishes with at your summer barbeque or pool party. They are flavorful and adorable, and they are completely fat-free. Plus, one piece is only 8 calories. This is just what you need to dress up those last minute cupcakes you need to bake for your child's class that you just found out about.

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