Swedish Fish Assorted Colors - 5lb

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Swedish Fish are like your favorite old sweatshirt. You always know they are going to satisfy, no matter what type of mood you are in or what you are craving.You may stray away to try new treats from time-to-time, but you always return to this dependable option you can count on to satisfy.Swedish Fish are fish-shaped, chewy but firm, wine gum treats. They are perfect for any occasion, and ideal for snacking on no matter where you happen to be. You won't have to cast a line, waiting to get a bite from the depths of the ocean to enjoy these scrumptious treats.They were first manufactured in 1957, and have remained a popular favorite of folks of all ages through the years. This bulk supply of Swedish Fish includes green (lime), orange (orange), yellow (lemon), and red (cherry). They are perfect to share or keep to yourself. They are fat-free, so snack away!

SKU: ND-757

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