Sweetarts Chewy - 36ct

Sweetarts Chewy - 36ct
  • $40.99

Giant Sweetarts offer a new way to enjoy this classic candy. Everyone loves the chalky texture and tart taste of classic Sweetarts. This version includes the same delicious flavors but with a different size and texture.Each disc is large and is extra-chewy. Each package is individually wrapped and contains four different giant chewy Sweetarts, including green, red, yellow and purple. Sweetarts chewy candy are a must-have for birthday parties and holidays.The bright colors are perfect for kid-friendly events. Use them to fill Easter baskets this year or hand them out during Halloween. You can even get creative and open up each package to use your giant Sweetarts as cake, cupcake and cookie decorations! This candy pack gives you an easy and affordable way to get large quantities for any purpose or occasion. Do something different during snack time with our deliciously chewy giant Sweetart candies!

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