Tabbylets Chicklets Gum - 9900ct

Tabbylets Chicklets Gum - 9900ct
  • $169.99

Petite, tiny, itty bitty, and don't forget delicious! These amazing little Tabbylets Mini Chicklets Gum are all that and more and will send your taste buds into a tailspin with their chewy and fruity flavor.

If you have the need for a small yet chewy bubblegum treat as well as a candy that is pretty to look at too, then these are the perfect pick for you! In a rainbow of colors from orange, to green, to red and practically everything in between, these glossy gum squares will delight you every time you snack. If you have a pretty glass jar or vase, pour some of these Mini Chicklets in and admire their beauty in between snacks.

24.75Lb case

SKU: ND-CC1099

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