Toblerone Bars - 1.76oz 24ct

Toblerone Bars - 1.76oz 24ct
  • $48.99

The uniquely-shaped Swiss milk chocolate Toblerone Bars started in a small confectionery shop in Switzerland but is now a global success in the chocolate industry.Its triangle shape appeals to chocolate lovers who prefer their chocolates to be distinctive. These individually-wrapped triangular chocolate bars are smooth, deliciously sweet and great tasting. It has honey and almond nougats and is made with soy and egg.Its striking shape is believed to be derived by the creator's inspiration from his mountainous homeland. But no matter how the Toblerone bars derived its shape, its unmistakable packaging and its unique chocolate peaks make it easily recognizable throughout the world.Indulge in this velvety treat and experience Switzerland's fine chocolate. The extraordinary combination of cocoa, honey, almond nougat and egg white in a secret recipe is what made this chocolate a world success. There is no denying that these chocolate bars are a force in the chocolate industry to reckon with.

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