Tootsie Rolls - 280ct Display Tub

Tootsie Rolls - 280ct Display Tub
  • $47.99

Classic Tootsie Rolls are one of the most popular and longstanding candies still enjoyed in the United States. This chocolaty confection was produced in 1896 as the first individually wrapped penny candy.What made the original Tootsie Roll so unique was the way it combined the taste of smooth caramel with the texture of soft taffy. Even though it really didn't fall into either category, Tootsie Roll earned fans because of its rich taste and the fact that it did not melt during the hot summertime.Today's Tootsie Rolls are made with sugar, skim milk and cocoa to give them that hint of rich chocolaty flavor. While alternative flavors have been made, including lime, lemon, vanilla and cherry, candy lovers of all ages still reach for the original.Our bulk Tootsie Rolls tub offers that same great taste in a quantity that's perfect for sharing and parties. Order today and make your next event a little sweeter with chocolate Tootsie Rolls!

NOTICE: Candy sticks are extremely fragile. Since we have little control over shipment once it leaves our warehouse, we will not guarantee that this product will arrive completely unbroken. During the course of shipment, some or a lot of sticks can break. We package them as well as possible to minimize shock and breakage, however, our policy is that we will not be held responible for broken candy, no matter how many end up broken. before you place your order, please take this into consideration.


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