Flower Twinkle Pops - 120ct

  • $50.99

Not all stars are in the sky. If you're feeling a bit otherworldly, try these charming Flower Twinkle Pops that are sure to cheer anyone up! Ideal for special occasions or as a delicious gift for your loved ones, these lollipops are offered in an assortment of bright, shiny colors, including purple, red, yellow, orange, green, pink, and blue, and have a long white lollipop stick.Offer these gourmet lollipops as lovely favors at your next birthday party, shower, or wedding reception, or use them to create a stunning ˜floral' candy arrangement that will look gorgeous on your serving tables or guest tables as a unique, colorful and edible centerpiece. Kids will be eager to dig into these beautiful Flower Twinkle Pops so include them in goody bags filled with other yummy treats or toys. You can even dare to be different and give these Twinkle Pops out for Halloween. Whatever the occasion, these Flower lollipops will be the highlight of the event!

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