Twizzlers Cherry Bites - 12ct

Twizzlers Cherry Bites - 12ct
  • $36.99

Twizzlers cherry bites are a fruity modern candy that is the product of decades of candy making. This sweet treat's roots go back to 1845 when the Young and Smylie company was established. Many decades, and many business changes, later, the company was acquired by Hershey in 1977.The makers of cherry Twizzlers are recognized as one of the oldest candy firms still in operation in the USA. That's quite a bit of history in every sweet bite! Our cherry Twizzlers bites feature a smooth, chewy licorice that's full of saccharine flavor.Instead of a long rope, these cherry candies are cut down into a convenient bite-sized piece. They come in individually portioned boxes that are very easy to share. Order your bulk Twizzlers cherry bites for parties, picnics and holidays. A full box makes a great stocking stuffer or can be given out as a special treat on Halloween!

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