Brown & White Unicorn Pops - 24ct

Brown & White Unicorn Pops - 24ct
  • $51.99

Add some fantasy and imagination to your next event by using these Brown & White Unicorn Pops as decorations and favors. This variety features a delicious caramel taste you won't be able to get enough of.Each lollipop has a swirled style with glistening brown and white candy stripes whirling up the stick. The look is finished with a cute unicorn design on the packaging. These unicorn horn lollipops can fit a variety of events for guests of any age.Include them in a candy bar at your wedding or a corporate event. Stick them into floral foam or a vase to create a candy bouquet centerpiece for the tables. Or simply give them away as favors before your guests leave. Young boys and girls alike will love these magical lollipops at a birthday party or at theater camp. Use your imagination and you'll come up with a million ways to present these exciting candies!

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