Green & White Unicorn Pops - 24ct

  • $51.99

Bring unicorns to life at the next children's party you throw by serving up these Green & White Unicorn Pops. They're perfect for the child who is obsessed with this mythical creature, or even for the adult who loves elements of fantasy. Use one to complete a unicorn cake and hand out the rest as favors. These make perfect giveaways for a Halloween party, a fantasy party or a kids' birthday party. You could even use them to make unique centerpiece bouquets.Each pop features green and white lines that swirl from the top to the bottom, where you'll find a stick to hold the pop. The green signifies the fresh lime flavor that will excite your taste buds. These lollipops are beautiful and tasty enough to serve on their own, or you can make them part of a whole lollipop buffet with a bunch of flavors and shapes.

SKU: C112116

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