Unicorn Pops - Medium 1.5oz 72ct

Unicorn Pops - Medium 1.5oz 72ct
  • $231.99

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a unicorn got tangled up in a rainbow? Of course you have! Hasn't everyone? Well, what you are looking at here in the picture of Unicorn Pops Medium candy is the direct result.These colorful lollies will bring an enchanted feel to any candy buffet. Don't worry; no unicorns were hurt in the making of these. They shed naturally and grow back!These Unicorn Pops Medium size treats look fabulous when used as a candy bouquet. They are 12 inches long, so stand them up in clear vases or jars. You said you wanted unique centerpieces for your wedding or next party, it doesn't get any better than this. Adults and kids all will love these.Since these Unicorn Pops Medium size are so large they don't pose the choking hazard to little ones that bite-size candy can. So, these are a must at your child's next party or sleepover. Since they last a really long time, they might even get through an entire movie without making a sound.

SKU: ND-AB76010

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