White & White Unicorn Pops - 24ct

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DISCONTINUED!!!! White Unicorn Pops are tasty, elegant and very versatile! Our Unicorn Pops offer a different take on the traditional lollipop. Instead of a big round piece of candy, these charming confections include a thick piece of hard candy that's tightly wound around a disposable stick.The finished look appears just like a classic unicorn horn! Our white lollipops are an excellent choice for baby showers and weddings. Use alone or combine with one of our two color Unicorn Pops to match any color scheme or theme.These lollipops look fabulous when placed upright in a decorative dish or container. Each carries the unicorn tag and logo on the packaging. Our bulk lollipops are affordable and delicious, which is why they make such an appealing favor or gift at events and more! Whether you're filling out a lollipop bouquet or searching for a quick snack to keep at home, our bulk Unicorn Pops will satisfy!

SKU: C112120

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